Een impressie van twee gesprekken over Nederland – Solidair met moslims en #Ikbenmoslimenikstem

Zondag 5 maart vond in de Amsterdamse AlKabir moskee, de grote moskee, de bijeenkomst plaats ‘solidair met moslims’. De bijeenkomst was georganiseerd door het Collectief tegen Islamofobie en Discriminatie (CTID) en het comité 21 maart. Yassin El Forkani ging in gesprek met Catalene Passchier (vice-voorzitter FNV), Abdou Menebhi (Emcemo), Maureen van der Pligt (Comité 21 […] Continue Reading →

European Court on political, philosophical or religious signs and direct discrimination

According to the European court bans on the wearing of “any political, philosophical or religious sign”, such as headscarves, in worksplaces need not constitute direct discrimination. Here an explanation of the cases, the ruling and its qualifications, references to all the documents and the complete press release. Summary and qualifications The cases On 12 June […] Continue Reading →

Dutch elections syllabus – With a focus on Race, Secularism and the Nation

I have assembled a mock course syllabus that explores the deep currents of Dutch political culture with a specific focus on Race, Secularism and the Nation which coincides with my current research on the racialization of Dutch Muslims and how Muslims 'talk back'. It does certainly not only focus on the role of radical right such as Wilders but also to how mainstream political parties cultivate and Continue Reading →