From Turks and Renegades to Citizens and Radicals : The Historical Trajectories of ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Muslims in the Netherlands

In 2019 I wrote a series of posts here: A short history of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Muslims in the Netherlands. It was an exploration of the distinction between acceptable and unacceptable Islam and Muslims resonated throughout Dutch history. In the beginning of this year the editors of the Dutch journal Trajecta. Religion, Culture and Society […] Continue Reading →

Het Offerfeest als publiek spektakel

Er is eigenlijk altijd wel behoorlijk wat aandacht voor het islamitische Offerfeest in de Nederlandse media. Dit jaar nog wel wat meer, want corona. Alles was anders, want corona. Nou niet alles was anders natuurlijk, want het Offerfeest gaat gewoon door, corona of geen corona. Wat ook niet anders was, waren de vele steunbetuigingen aan […] Continue Reading →

Irfan Ahmad on Liberalism & Islamophobia & Domophilia

My colleague Irfan Ahmad is an anthropologist and Senior Research Fellow at the Max Plancke Institute for the Study of Religious & Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen, Germany. Among his work is Islamism and Democracy in India (Princeton University Press, 2009) and recently he published Religion As Critique: Islamic Critical Thinking from Mecca to the Marketplace (University […] Continue Reading →