Radboud University & Fahm Institute present: Farid Esack – “Islamism and Islamic Liberation Theology – A Critical Intellectual Genealogy”

Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands, department of Islamstudies and Fahm Institute cordially invite you to prof. Farid Esack’s lecture: “Islamism and Islamic Liberation Theology – A Critical Intellectual Genealogy” Date: 11 December 2020 Time: 19.30 Venue: online Apply: please send an email to cursus@fahminstituut.nl In this lecture prof. Esack will engage with the Continue Reading →

Performing the Dutch nation through free speech – the politics of freedom and education after the murder on Samuel Paty

Guest Author: Thijl Sunier Political debates, even formal ones in Parliament, have increasingly become platforms for excitable political rhetoric and public performance. Last week two debates in the Dutch Parliament reached the headlines and became trending topic on Twitter. Although different topics, the debates converged in a remarkable way and revealed the current political climate […] Continue Reading →

Geweld, stigmatisering en moslims – Een antwoordmodel voor de opdracht van Visser ‘t Hooft Lyceum in Leiden

Bovenstaande opdracht deed de ronde op sociale media en is afkomstig van Visser ‘t Hooft Lyceum in Leiden. De school kwam daarna met het volgende statement waaruit blijkt dan men de pedagogische opdracht dat alle leerlingen zich veilig en gewaardeerd moeten voelen, niet helemaal begrijpt. De opdracht: Schrijfopdracht (telt twee keer mee voor het rapport) […] Continue Reading →

Academics for Repatriation – European families in the detention camps of northeastern Syria must be repatriated

About 200 academics call upon European countries to take immediate action to repatriate their nationals from the detention camps of northeastern Syria. Read the call here. The issue of repatriating European nationals who joined various groups, including Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, has divided European public opinion. There are currently more than 400 European […] Continue Reading →

Reading Muslims podcast with Juliette Galonnier: “France’s Fears over ‘Islamic Separatism’ and Academic Freedom”

From University of Toronto, Institute for Islamic Studies: On Oct 16th, a French schoolteacher in the suburbs of Paris named Samuel Paty was murdered by a Muslim man for showing his classroom caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. The aftermath has placed Islam and Muslims under scrutiny with the government claiming that “Islamist separatism” is challenging […] Continue Reading →