On 24-25 August 2017 we organize together with Yafa Shanneik (University of Birmingham) a workshop on ‘Global dynamics of Shia marriages’ at the University of Amsterdam.

This international exploratory workshop on Shia Marriages brings together researchers working on Iran, Oman, Lebanon, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ghana, the UK, Norway, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The workshop focuses on various strands of Twelver Shia Islam – defined by doctrinal differences or following different sources of clerical authority, the legal and ethical practices, rituals and everyday lived experience – and investigates how different forms of Shia marriage are debated and concluded.

The call for papers has long been closed (see CFP workshop shia marriages). For more information about the workshop and possibilities to attend, see, http://aissr.uva.nl/content/events/workshops/2017/08/global-dynamics-of-shia-marriages.html


Starting with an overview of how particular forms of unconventional Muslims marriages have come to be problematized both in the global North and South, the main focus of ‘Problematizing “Muslim marriages”: Ambiguities and Contestations’ is on concluding marriages as a social process and practice. What kinds of more or less controversial marriage forms and wedding celebration are emerging, who are participating in them, and how are they performed? Particular attention is paid to the intersections of gender and religion, and whether and how new, unconventional marriage forms are authenticated, authorized or contested as Muslim marriages. The wider question this project addresses is what economic, political, religious and cultural work these new Muslim marriages do.

This site provides an overview of the project as a whole, the researchers participating in the various subprojects, our activities and our publications.