We are working together with researchers elsewhere for the following activities:

* Samah Saleh (an-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine)

Joint research project on Palestinian women political prisoners: intersections of imprisonment and marriage

* Rajnaara Akhtar (De Montfort University, Leicester)

Joint organisation of conference ‘Unregistered Muslim Marriages: Regulations and Contestations‘;

Together with Rajnaara Akhtar and Rebecca Probyn, we have submitted the papers of this conference for two special issues, one of Sociology of Islam, the other the Oxford Journal for Law and Religion.

* Nadia Fadil (KU Leuven)

Joint supervision of PhD project Jaafar Alloul

Conference (organized by Jaafar Alloul and Jeremny Mandin, with Nadia Fadil and Annelies Moors) ‘Leaving Europe: Alternative Routes of Out/Upward Mobility, 13/14 September 2018.

* Yafa Shanneik (University of South Wales)

Joint organisation of workshop ‘The Global Dynamics of Shia Marriages

Participanting in research project on ‘Muslim Marriage Practices in Europe: Iraqi and Syrian Warwidows’ (conference in Erlangen October 2018)

* Mulki Sharmani and Marja Tiilikainen (Helsinki University)

Participating in book project Transnational Muslim Marriages and Family Lives: Norms, Laws, and Wellbeing

Participating in research planning workshop on Research Planning Workshop on ‘Building Egalitarian Ethics and Jurisprudence of Muslim Marriages’

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