Fatiha El-Hajjari

Fatiha El-Hajjari completed her BA in Sociology (cum laude). In 2015 she received her Research Master in Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam (cum laude). Her main research interests are on integration, immigration, and the politics of Islam and Muslim identities. In her Research Master thesis she examined how mainstream discourses on active citizenship erase the civic activism of Muslim women in the Netherlands.

She is the co-author of Mysterious multiculturalism. The risks of using model-based indices for making meaningful comparisonsComparative European Politics 11 (2013): 599- 620.

El-Hajjari is currently a Research Assistant in the ERC Project Problematizing ‘Muslim Marriages’, in which she conducts an ethnographic study about the Islamization and commercialization of wedding ceremonies among Dutch-Moroccan young, Muslim women.


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