Truce or Defeat?

The Daily Star – Opinion Articles – Toward a truce with the Muslim world: Can Europe Lead the Way

In ‘Toward a truce with the Muslim world: Can Europe Lead the Way’ Mark Levine pleads for a truce with the Muslim world. “This may sound like a naive, even defeatist statement in the context of the 9-11 Commission Report’s reminder that the United States remains very much at war with “Islamist terrorism” and the ideas behind it. Yet a truce (Arabic hudna) rather than an increasingly dangerous “clash of civilizations” is the only way to avoid a long, ultimately catastrophic conflict. And it’s up to Europe to be the good broker.” Not everyone will agree probably (see but it is an interesting thought. “A truce does not equal capitulation to terrorists or letting Muslims off the hook for crimes committed in the name of their religion. Certainly, European leaders were right to reject the “truce offer” purportedly made by Osama bin Laden last April on the condition that European countries remove their troops from Muslim lands and refuse to support the United States. Criminals can’t offer truces, and bin Laden and other groups that use terroristic violence are indeed international criminals whom the world community has an obligation to bring to justice.”

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