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A very interesting weblog is Ummati – Oh You Who Believe…

On this blog, among other things, a discussion on netiquette: Intermingling of the sexes I, about:

The topic in discussion is one that will surely create some controversy amongst the minds of many. Some of you may read the first paragraph and decide you would like to read no further. Others may read the entire post and quietly dismiss what is said. However I place a small request before you: please do ponder upon what is said. Jazakallah.

By communication I mean conversations between a non mehram man and a woman in person, or via the phone, even by a mere look and yes, let me utter the deadly words, the most common form of communication amongst non-mehrams is taking place on the internet. It is the most easiest form and sadly it is succeeding beyond measure in corrupting our minds and leading us astray.

(Let me stress, this form of contact I am referring to is one that is kept unnecessarily, there are instances where non-mehrams can communicate, these shall me mentioned later on inshallah)

The debate continues in a next entry: Intermingling of the sexes II

I was specifically targetting the ‘chatting’ that is taking place in todays age that has become the norm. We no longer consider it to be an evil but instead it seems to be encouraged.

However, I ask you, what has become of us today? We use this very excuse of propagating Islam and instead misuse it to suit our desires. Yes, once in a while an Islamic issue may crop up but other times? Other times, readers we are involved in deep conversations be it MSN or any other way, we are involved in many hours of zina. What is the need in speaking to a non-mehram about personal issues, about petty issues which are simply not necessary.

The discussion is picked up on several blogs: virtuallyislamic and Niqaabi-4ever

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