The controversy about the Danish Muhammad cartoons seems to gain some new speed. There is a call for a boycott against Danish and Norwegian products:

According to Muslims Seek UN Resolution Over Danish Cartoons

Ihsanoglu said the UN General Assembly would be asked to “pass a resolution banning attacks on religious beliefs.”

CAIRO, January 30, 2006 ( & News Agencies) – The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Arab League, the Muslim world’s two main political bodies, are seeking a UN resolution, backed by possible sanctions, to protect religions following the publication of cartoons depicting and ridiculing Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Also it seems that Danish sites are the victims of cyber-attacks (for example the website of the Jylland Posten)
and blog Uriasposten.

Not all Muslims agree with the actions and the lobby of the larger organizations. Hadi Kahn, chairman of the Organization of Pakistani Students in Denmark (OPSA), stressed that the group travelling to the Muslim countries does not represent all Muslims.

The are some early Persian pictures of the Prophet Muhammad by the way, which you can find on such as the one below with the Prophet Muhammad on his prayer rug.

Persian picture of the Prophet Muhammad on his prayer rug

Not that that picture comes from the Shi’a tradition and not from the Sunni-tradition. Nevertheless, I have never received any notice that that site had any threats. So why did that happen in the Danish case. I have written about that earlier.

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