Dutch Elections – The day after

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3 Responses

  1. I think you are wrong. Tolerance hasn’t won these elections. The SP houses a lot of former Fortuyn-voters in its electorate, and isn’t as tolerant as other parties (for example on the double nationality issue).

  2. martijn says:

    Well to say that tolerance has won, is indeed a little too strong and that is not what I mean. The SP has advocates an attitude that less confrontational than that of Wilders, has probably attracked those people who are worried about what they see as the islamization of the Netherlands but are just as scared to enhance polarization. This does not mean that they are tolerant or intolerant; that’s a different issue.

  3. eeid says:

    It is about framing the arguments differently. SP advocates will blame the capitalist
    system for encouraging migration from have not parts of the world to the haves of which
    the Netherlands is one. Issues such as the loss of jobs to the Third World as a result
    of globalization is something the SP uses to attract polarized voters.

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