New website: Digital Islam

Very interesting, new website:

Digital Islam

Digital Islam is a research project that focuses on the Middle East, Islam, and digital media. It aims to analyze the various ways in which Islam and Muslim identities are articulated through information and communication technologies and the Internet. Its research materials include websites, digital videoclips, and videogames. The webpage provides free access to full texts and bibliographical database of research resources.

  • Home – full text papers, articles, and news
  • Call for Papers – call for papers for conferences, workshops, and publications
  • Bibliography – bibliographical database of books, articles, and papers
  • Websites – bibliographical database of websites related to Islam and digital media. The database contains both academic research websites and major Islamic websites.
  • Video and games – database of videogames which take place in the Middle East, represent Arabs and Muslims, have been produced by Middle Eastern developers, or have an Islamic emphasis. The latter are marked with asterisk (*) and can be also viewed in a separate list.


Vit Sisler, editor-in-chief, is a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Information Studies of Charles University in Prague, where he is finishing his doctoral thesis about Islam and Islamic law on the Internet. He is also engaged in the research of social and political aspects of videogames, with emphasis given on the Middle Eastern games. Vit Sisler is a chair of workshop Religious Norms in Cyberspace which is annually held at the Cyberspace international conference in Brno, Czech Republic.
Vit Sisler’s homepage:

Tomas Tomanek, editor, is a master’s student at New Media Studies of Charles University in Prague.

Katerina Cechova, editor, is a master’s student at New Media Studies of Charles University in Prague, where she is finishing her thesis about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Internet.

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