Fake leaflets of The Islamic Australia Federation

Australia’s prime minister has condemned members of his own party for distributing leaflets implying the Labor opposition supports terrorism. The fake letter linking Muslim extremists to Australia’s opposition Labor Party and blamed on conservative supporters has entangled Prime Minister John Howard in a damaging row days before a national election.

The flyer, purporting to come from a non-existent Islamic Australia Federation, was dropped in letterboxes in a crucial Sydney seat and portrayed Labor as sympathisers of three men on death row in Indonesia over bombings in the tourist island of Bali in 2002. Howard’s Liberal Party said it had suspended two unidentified members over the hoax. Both parties referred it to Australia’s electoral commission just two days before the Nov. 24 election, in which polls point to a Labor victory.

“I condemn it, I dissociate myself from it. It is no part of my campaign and the party has acted promptly to deal with it,” Howard told local radio. The bogus pamphlet applauded Labor for supporting bombers “unjustly” sentenced to death and praised the party for allowing a controversial Muslim sheikh, who compared immodestly dressed women to uncovered meat, to live in Australia.

Text of the fake leaflet:

The Islamic Australia Federation.

The role of the Islamic Australia Federation is to support Islamic Australians by providing a strong network within Islamic Australia.

Muslims supporting Muslims within the community and assisting and showing christian Australians the glorious path to Islam.

In the upcoming federal election we strongly support the ALP as our preferred party to govern this country and urge all other Muslims to do the same.

The leading role of the ALP in supporting our faith at both state and local government levels has been exceptional and we look further to further support when Kevin Rudd leads this country.

We gratefully acknowledge Labor’s support to forgive our Muslim brothers who have been unjustly sentenced to death for the Bali bombings.

Labor supports our new Mosque construction and we hope, with the support or funding of local and state governments, to open our new Mosque in St Marys soon.

Labor was the only political party to support the entry to this country of our Grand Mufti reverend Sheik al-Hilaly (sic) and we thank Hon Paul Keating for over-turning the objections of ASIO to allow our Grand Mufti to enter this country.

Ala Akba (sic).

Yes  indeed, if you make a fake leaflet, then try to make a good one instead of one with stupid mistakes. This of course is very insulting for the family of the victims of the Bali bombings and even if is satire it is very bad one.

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