Coming soon…fitna IV And there it is…

Wilders has released his film Fitna. One comment on it: you will see a picture of Mohammed Bouyeri who killed Theo van Gogh. Only…it is not Bouyeri but Salah Edin a Moroccan-Dutch rapper.

I will give some more backgrounds the coming days but for now you can watch at LiveLeak if you want:

Dutch version

English version 

5 thoughts on “Coming soon…fitna IV And there it is…

  1. I find it shocking that he used someone else’s image as that of Mohammed B. That’s more irresponsible than making the film in the first place!

    The whole film seemed more like an AQ recruitment video than a critique.

  2. Waarom laat jij de film hier niet zien? Je bent net zo’n lafaard als Balkenende. Je kan wel lekker veel nadenken of de schijn ervan ophouden met die vele kutstukjes hier, maar je plaatst wel een docu over de Taliban maar niet de informatieve film van Wilders?

    Figuren zoals jij hebben we teveel.

    Misschien kun je verhuizen met je moslimvriendjes naar SA?

  3. tori , that might have been just the trick that man you say was a rapper that has threaten wilders to shoot him in the head if he gets the change too. so it a little revenge thingy, thats what i think why he did that.

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