Michael Jackson converts to Islam…again

In 2003 the following report appeared: Report: Jackson converts to Islam

Paper says pop star joined Louis Farrakhan’s flock last nightLast night, on the eve of child-molestation charges being filed against him, Michael Jackson converted to Islam, reports the New York Post.

In 2005: Michael Jackson: Converts to Islam, Reportedly Says, Jews Are ‘Leeches’

Michael Jackson: Converts to Islam, Reportedly Says, Jews Are ‘Leeches’

In 2006: Myopic Thoughts: Michael Jackson: Muslim Woman?

Michael Jackson: Muslim Woman?

In 2007: Michael Jackson Confirms Conversion to Islam

Pop superstar Michael Jackson has confirmed his conversion to Islam, according to reports in the Middle East.

In 2008 Michael Jackson coverts to Islam changing his name to Mikaeel | The Sun

The way you Mecca me feelMICHAEL JACKSON has become a Muslim — and changed his name to MIKAEEL.

The skint superstar, 50, donned Islamic garb to pledge allegiance to the Koran in a ceremony at a pal’s mansion in Los Angeles, The Sun can reveal.

Maybe it is true, probably not, but that doesn’t explain why this story is coming up again and again and always treated very seriously (although the Sun has published it under ‘bizarre’) also in Dutch newspapers such as Telegraaf and Spitsnieuws, the Belgian Gazzet van Antwerpen, gossip sites such as RTL Boulevard and websites such as God voor Dommen and MusicBlog.A simple google search would suffice in this case, at least to question the news and put it a little into perspective. Note that in some cases the reports show the discourse of a meeting between ‘Wacko Jacko‘ and ‘those weird Muslims‘. And perhaps that is why it pops up time and again.

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