Closing the week 38 – Featuring Ramadan 2009: Eat and Meet

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Featuring Ramadan – Eat & Meet
Dutch Muslims welcome non-Muslims to iftar dinners | Top News

Thousands of non-Muslims are to dine with Muslim families during the month of Ramadan as part of an intercultural dialogue festival in the Netherlands.

National : In Aminabad, Muslim women enjoy Iftar prepared by Hindus : 671142

Hundreds of women rozedars, who gather at the busy Aminabad area here for an all-women special namaz, end their fast with delicacies prepared by Hindus.
In a unique event at the historical&aposzanana (female) park’, Muslim women gather for the’ Salatut Tasbeeh&aposnamaz , held annually under the aegis of Bazm-e-khawateen.

The namaz is followed by Iftar, which is monitored by Hindu members of the Bazm.

“At a time when grand feasts are organised by various organisations and political parties all through Ramzan, the one at the Zanana park is different as our Hindu sisters prepare for the feast at home and bring food for us,”says president of the Bazm-e-khawateen, Begum Shahnaz Sidrat. – eid prayer: Thoughts on women and the Eid prayer

I’ve been mulling over this topic since the beginning of Ramadan really, wondering how to broach it. For a few years now, (since I married and my husband educated me on the undeniable proofs) my attempts to get other women to attend the Eidgah have been just that – attempts. Feeble one’s.

At home in Morocco with an Islamist…and a feminist | Worldfocus

At home in Morocco with an Islamist…and a feminist

Madame Nadia Yassine is the public face of a Moroccan Islamist association. She describes the social and political goals of her organization and the situation of women in Morocco.

Indigo Jo Blogs » Former K-Towners who leave Islam

Recently sister Safiya (Outlines) posted an article about the situation of women who got hurt in the Kharabsheh or “K-Town” community in Jordan; this is the community of Shaikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller’s students who settle in or around his zawiya. One recurring theme, in a comment on that entry and on a blog linked off that entry ([1], [2]), is that there have been a few women who have left Islam after having a miserable time there.


The theme of someone leaving Islam after coming to associate it with a particularly unpleasant or rigid variant is not new — the essay The Wahhabi who Loved Beauty gives an example from Saudi Arabia — but it’s not an excuse at the end of the day; a person may be forgiven for it if it’s temporary, but at the end of the day accepting Truth is a duty and this means accepting that the extreme behaviour of one group is not the same as Islam itself. However, the majority of those who have defected from the community in Jordan appear not to have left Islam. I’ve been in contact with one of them. She’s still Muslim and still bringing her kids up Muslim. She’s also quite close to the group which has been bringing scholars from the Middle East to the UK (and perhaps North America) for years. It’s not a conspiracy against Sufism or traditional Islam, which is what I thought it might have been when the allegations started surfacing on Umar Lee’s blog and later on Salafi Burnout early this year. Even if most of the “speaking out” is done anonymously, I know who this woman is and I have no reason to disbelieve her.

Of course, wearing niqab and abstaining from TV are quite legitimate positions in Islam; Shaikh Nuh’s tariqa is not the first I’ve come across who hold to them. It’s not that women are being told to wear niqab and otherwise unostentatious clothing or obey their husbands. The problem seems to be the backbiting and spying, and the fact that serious marital problems, often the men’s fault, are blamed on the women, some of whom have been deceived into marrying in the first place. I can’t personally accuse Shaikh Nuh or the two women involved of anything because I have only met them briefly and my encounters with them were pleasant, but these problems are real and cannot be brushed under the carpet for much longer, even though this is not a cult, let alone a Jonestown type affair, but a dysfunctional tariqa group. It’s not about women leaving Islam; it’s about Muslim women getting hurt, and it risks undoing a lot of the good work that has been done to promote classical Islam and Sufism since the 1990s.

Islamophobia / Eurabia
A culture of fear | Books | The Guardian

A culture of fear

Liberal spaces within Europe have brought many more Muslim women out of their old confinements Europe is at risk of being ‘colonised’ by its Muslim populations, argue a number of bestselling new books, acclaimed across the political spectrum. How has such hysteria gone unchallenged? Pankaj Mishra on the ‘Eurabia-mongers’

Mark Steel: So has anyone really been ‘Islamified’ against their will? – Mark Steel, Commentators – The Independent

There’s something touchingly innocent about the argument put forward by many people that the BNP should be allowed space in the mainstream media as this will “expose their ignorant ideas”. Because history doesn’t necessarily prove this to be the case. I don’t suppose that, in 1941, many people thought: “You see, this is all working to plan. Now he’s invaded Russia everyone will see just what an idiot this Hitler really is.”

The arguments of the far-right groups are already obviously ridiculous. The latest slogan they march under is “Stop the Islamification of England”. But how many people have had their lives Islamified against their will?

Don’t repeat this mistake | Yahya Birt | Comment is free | The Guardian

Don’t repeat this mistake

The government should not use the same flawed tactics with the far right that it used on Muslims.

The Rise and Fall of the Salafi Movement
Rise and Fall of The Salafi Movement ( Complete) « Umar Lee

I had taken all in this ten-part series off of my page and only left the last page which is where the comments are. This is the entire series plus some my clarification and an introduction from a sister.


’Terug in de tijd met verbod op familiehuwelijk’ – Trouw

’Terug in de tijd met verbod op familiehuwelijk’

Maatregel tegen importbruiden

Het kabinet wil neef-nichthuwelijken verbieden. „Een stap terug in de tijd”, zegt Masha Antokolskaia, hoogleraar familierecht van de VU.

Islamcritici: Wilders slaat plank mis met hoofddoektaks – Trouw

Islamcritici: Wilders slaat plank mis met hoofddoektaks
PVV-voorman Geert Wilders.

Met de hoofddoekenbelasting leidt Wilders de aandacht af van het echte probleem, zeggen islamcritici: de islamisering van de openbare ruimte

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