C L O S E R – New Year's Resolution

Damn, I forgot to post a new year’s resolution here. I did not have a Christian message with Christmas and now not even a spiritual message for 2006. I haven’t got one for several years now. The last new year’s resolution I had (quit smoking) I decide to break five minutes before 1 January 1997. […] Continue Reading →

Hagia Sophia Home

Angeliki Papagika and partners want the Hagia Sophia to be returned to the Christian church. Hagia Sophia Home If you believe in the just case that Hagia Sophia should be restored to its proper religious role as a church, for which it was built in the first place, then we ask you to support our […] Continue Reading →

C L O S E R – Deep in the woods…

Sometimes people come up with things that are too bizarre. Crazy, but serious, ideas from politicians or whoever, that we should bury deep in the woods, or in the Nick Cave’s words: Love is for fools and all fools are lovers It’s raining on my house and none of the others Love is for fools […] Continue Reading →