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  1. George Vlachos says:

    I guess you ommit the fact that Hagia Sophia (and the broad-broad area) was militarily invaded in 1450+- by the Ottoman Turks and today belogns to people other than the ones that built it. I don’t know about Alhambra but I thought that Arabs were invaders in 7th century modern Spain, and, also, is Alhambra the Mecca of Islam -as is Hagia Sophia and Instanbul for Orthodox Christians-? Lastly, Hagia Sophia could be the base of all Orthodox churches, it doesn’t need be Greek or Russian or else only. BTW, the Ecoumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox church is still where he was based since ever, in Instanbul -this is, until the Turkish government erases this last piece of evidence that there was something else there beofre them, something great-. Sincerely,George

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