Mohammed Saleh Tauiman (2001 – 2015): “We dream about drones”

Mohammed Saleh Tauiman becomes the third member of his family to be killed by what he called ‘death machines’ in the sky months after Guardian interview. Mohammed Saleh Tauiman was 13 when the Guardian gave him a camera to record his family life in Marib province in northern Yemen in 2014. In this footage from the last months of 2014, Mohammed interviews his brothers and sisters about their father, killed in a US drone attack, as the unmanned CIA aircraft continued to fly sorties overhead. On 26 January Mohammed himself was killed by a US drone alongside his brother-in-law and another man

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One thought on “Mohammed Saleh Tauiman (2001 – 2015): “We dream about drones”

  1. Drones are great.
    They follow the terrorist to his home and then blow up the whole family.
    That is better than killing only the terrorist, cos the islamic extremist indoctrination starts right after birth and so even for the children there is no hope for becoming a normal human being.
    Drones are great.

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