#Dutchelections – No, the Dutch did not stop the racist populist domino effect: it’s worse

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4 Responses

  1. Thomas Milo says:

    The term “race theories” outrageous and in line with the absurd argument that there is a Dutch race or class of humans that differs from other humans. Describing the population of a country is such general cliches is racist in itself. As a comment on elections in a country with almost 30 competing parties with wildly diverse points of view it is uninformed to put it mildly.

  2. Mamoun says:

    Dear Martijn,
    I just want to thank you for this useful analysis. It provides me with a more accurate frame to understand and analyze the current politics in Holland. I life here in the Netherlands since 10 years and I was very skeptic to what is circulated in the main popular media.I had a feeling that their is something much bigger behind all of what we see today. Your analysis seems to make sense.

  3. Willem Jansen says:

    Heeft u zich op enigerlei wijze verdiept in de verkiezings programma;s? Zo te lezen niet. Alleen de PVV is tegen de islam (en terecht overigens) de rest vindt het prima zo dat we stil aan onze vrijheid kwijt raken. En overigens wat is er mis mee dat andere partijen die ‘racistische rethoriek’ zouden overnemen?

  4. M.EXE says:

    Interesting narrative you’re trying to spin, very ideologically driven.

    Your allegation that Dutch politics is deeply racially seeded is preposterous. Saying that Dutch tolerance is a myth is just absurd. It sounds like you’re arguing that having people integrate into a country is a bad thing, that this would somehow be a bad thing to do, a racist thing to do. Your logic is absurd and disgusting.

    You talk about Fortuyn like he’s some kind of racist. Why? Because he opposed islamic immigration? For saying that Hardline islamism has no place in the west, because they have opposite values ( Against democracy, against homosexuals, against rights for women ).

    Why are you deeming islam a race? It’s a religion, an ideology, not a race. Why do we as a people need to adjust to the values of those who wish to immigrate? Is it not logical for them to adjust to the values of the country they immigrate to? Do you think islamic culture is more progressive, or better?

    You even lightly imply that the ban on the ‘burka’ is racist, or problematic? So you wish for the oppersion that is so prevelant in the middle east to spread to Europe? Because that is what the burka stand for, opperesion of women.

    Would you like to live in a pre-enlightenment age, is that the wish of the left?

    If you wish for an Islamic ruled country, why don’t you take a peak at all those bastions of freedom in the middle east.

    Good luck with writing more digusting propaganda.

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