C L O S E R – The Miami Terrorists…

Several people in Miami have been arrested for alledgedly trying to attack Sears Tower. Quickly described as ‘muslims

Well, we’re told these seven arrests — most of them in Miami, one in Atlanta, people described as radical Muslims, a religious sect that identified with al Qaeda, although officials have said — one senior official told us they were not related to al Qaeda. And one, we’re told, had taken an oath to al Qaeda, but we don’t know exactly that that means. It might have been something quite informal. I suspect we’ll learn a little more about that today.

We have to be a little more carefull though, because the people arrested seem to belong to a called that isn’t Islamic, but more a syncretistic sect:

Batiste and his followers swore an oath of allegiance to Al-Qaeda and requested help from an undercover agent to buy weapons, explosives and uniforms, according to the indictment. He sought $50,000 to fund his mission and boasted that his attacks would be “as good or greater than 9/11”.

Batiste’s targets were said to have included the Miami FBI building as well as the Sears Tower, America’s tallest building. He was secretly recorded and filmed by the FBI, which infiltrated the group after a tip-off from a member of the public.

No weapons or explosives have been found at the windowless warehouse that Batiste called the “temple” in a rundown area of Miami.

Batiste grew up in Chicago and, as a young man, joined the Guardian Angels, a beret-wearing citizens’ crime prevention group. In 1994 he told his father, a former preacher, that he was “joining the Muslims” but his beliefs bear little relation to orthodox Islam.

A close friend said his teachings came from the Moorish Science Temple of America, an early 20th century religion founded by the Noble Drew Ali, a wandering African-American circus magician who claimed to have been raised by Cherokee Indians and to have learnt “high magic” in Egypt. Ali went on to style himself an “angel” and prophet of Allah.

The Seas of David borrows tenets from Judaism and Christianity as well as Islam and emphasises self-discipline through martial arts.

More information can be found on Unqualified Offerings: HERE, HERE and HERE. In the words of Crooked Timber: a conferaderacy of Dunces.

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