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It seems that the blogosphere is doing quite a good job in covering the Mumbai attacks. In particular because of Twitter feeds it is actually much easier and powerful to portray an authentic sense of what is happening:

Global Voices Online » India: Twitting The Terror

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Also several weblogs of course are covering the events:
India: Mumbai on fire! | Guppu

November 26, Mumbai was rocked with several attacks including firing, bombings on Taj Hotel. More then 100 died and over 300 reported injured. Like always, people thought that this time too, these attacks will be associated to Pakistan, but it was not so. This time a Hyderabad Daccan based unpopular terrorists team is reported to be responsible for these attacks. While talking to Indian Media, they explained their causes and demands. These attacks have proved one thing, that terrorism is not a monopoly of Pakistan. There are terrorists in other countries also, so the scenario is getting like an international war against terrorism.

But, whatever were the causes, we condemn this type of attacks. There is no room for such attacks in any religion. And just like other Pakistani bloggers, I too stand united with Indians against terrorists. We demand that Indian government should arrange proper inquiries and investigations.

Sonia Faleiro: Children of Bombay

Children of Bombay
Last afternoon, my friend Rahul and I were killing time as we awaited the opening of our friend Nyela’s art show in Colaba. We spoke of our hopes for the future, our dreams. I said to him something I’ve thought about for a few months, maybe a year now: I don’t want my children to live here. In this city. Maybe even in this country.

Mumbai Attacks | MR’s Blog

Regardless of who the victims are, all of them came to Mumbai to stay at the hotels and visit some amazing architecture which Muslims built. Now we have some idiots who claim to be “mujahideen” killing these innocent people. Really makes me mad on why some of these terrorists think when they do these things. Then again these terrorists do not follow the Qur’an or Sunnah. They follow their leaders who have brainwashed them. There is also a possibility that they could not be Muslim and just a group trying to make Muslims look bad. I can definitely seeing extremist Hindu groups doing this.

Jewlicious » Jewish Hostages in Mumbai

I learned not long ago that the Chabad couple’s baby, Moshe, was saved by the cook earlier this morning. We have been urging everyone to say prayers / Psalms (Tehillim) for the Chabad couple: Gavriel Noach ben Freida Bluma and Rivka Bat Yehudis.

Let’s pray that all of the Jews, Israelis, and all other victims in Mumbai come out safely from this horrific situation.

Chabad House in Mumbai Stormed by Terrorists, Shlichim Taken Hostage — Baltimore Jewish

Please daven for Gavriel Noach ben Freida Bluma and Rivka bas Yehudis, along with anyone else endangered by the attacks.

The Angry Arabs’ comments section: Mumbai Terrorist Attack

“Teams of heavily armed gunmen stormed luxury hotels, a popular tourist attraction and a crowded train station in at least seven attacks in India’s financial capital, killing at least 78 people and wounding at least 200, officials said Thursday. The gunmen were specifically targeting Britons and Americans and a top police official said the gunmen are holding hostages at two luxury hotels, the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels.”

The Life-Of-Rubin Blog

Terrible news coming out of India tonight following a terrible terrorist attack, the worst in India’s history. Right now not much is known, but the Chabad Rabbi there is missing. Please say Tehilim.

Within / Without » Mumbai

I am livid with rage. Mumbai is attacked for the umpteenth time.

Sitting here, i feel helpless. And a part of me is violently shaking with anger and shock. Open gun fire? Grenades? In a hospital? Cinema? Hotels? Train station? What the fuck? Where is the bloody armed force? How can a city be held hostage – people inside their homes. Far away – I have no idea what to do. I mail my friends, call my parents. Do a post on Global Voices. I don’t know any other way to calm myself.

I am angry. I am not sad. I am just angry enough to rip someone. Fuck them. Just kill the bloody assholes. A part of me just wants to sit and weep.

Mumbai Terrorist Attack Twitter – Mahalo

Fast Facts

1. Mumbai’s central train line has been stopped
2. AK-47 shootings reported near hotels and a hospital
3. Two of the blasts are suspected grenade attacks
4. Encounter with terrorists inside Hotel Oberoi1
5. Terrorists inside Oberoi Hotel are throwing bombs from windows1
6. BP Petrol pump blown up in Colaba1
7. Encounters with police continue at hospitals and at movie theaters1
8. Cities of Delhi and Gujarat are on high alert
9. Taj Mahal Palace Hotel also attacked
10. Explosion on the roof of Taj Hotel2
11. Two young terrorists took people with UK and USA passports hostage
12. Huge explosions reported inside Hotel Oberoi and Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Mumbai Blast « My Blog

10.20: We hear 3 loud voice of crackers. I guess India won the 5th ODI against England, so people celebrating the winning of TEAM INDIA and burnning the fire crackers.

10.30: No No I was wrong! There is something wrong around us. There is terrorist attack in Mumbai.

11.00: Some people returnd from CST railway station, they alert me don’t leave the office till situation is going normal.

11.30: I am again unable to communicate with my friend who goes to CST to pick a train for thane. We hear more blast and firing in mumbai.

Its now 12:20. I hear a loud voice of blast near my office and within 2-3 min we hear firing, we dont know these firing is done by police or terrorist. hundred of peoples (Raheja Center Nariman point) fears. My one friend traped in CST Railway station. He hears 3 blast and firing in CST.

12.45: Terrorist hijacked police vahicle and left that vahicle near Mantralaya (Free Press Journal Road). within 5 min we hear another blast. We are not permitted to leave our campus.

12.58: Prashant Vengurlekar return to the office. He is fine but he is very affred, he shows two peorsons were hited by bullet (one in back side neck and another in thigh).

Actually Mumbai police was busy with only malegaon blast case and they ignored the safty of innocent people. Congress supports the terrorist and we are killed by terrorist. Why Congre
ss not hanged the Afjal Guru, Why MUMBAI ATS is only investigate Malegaon Blast.

Mumbai police blocked various root and they counter attack on terrorist.

Death toll rises up to 110, 300 injured.
But still I am happy because I am live.

A Night Out In Mumbai (Updated) – The India Uncut Blog – India Uncut

This is turning out to be one crazy night. A friend of mine had an opening of her art exhibition a few hours ago, so we ventured to South Bombay for that. We attended the exhibition, sipped the litchee juice, nibbled on party snacks, and then six of us headed out for dinner. First we tried Indigo Deli, which is a couple of hundred metres from the Taj. We were told there would be a 25-minute wait. So we headed to All Stir Fry, the restaurant in the Gordon House Hotel in a lane down from there. They told us we’d have to wait 20 minutes. We stepped out again, and as we did so, we heard gunshots, and saw people running towards us from the left side.

2x3x7: The Attacks

It would be nice, of course, if the media were to behave more responsibly. And it would be wonderful if some dynamic, hyper-competent leader were to take charge of the law enforcement response, thinking through all the angles in real-time. But expecting that either will automatically happen is unreasonable. Which is why we need to be better prepared for such eventualities in the future.

Real Time Citizen Journalism in Mumbai Terrorist Attacks | Gauravonomics Blog

The seize in Mumbai has been on for almost one full day now and no end is in sight. I feel angry and tired/ frustrated in turns.

India: 80+ Reported Dead, 200+ injured in Bombay Terror Attacks – Boing Boing

A number of independent blogger/journalist types in Bombay right now are posting a lot of updates to Twitter, someone just recommended Dina Mehta, another points to Karishma, both of whom are near the attack site. Noah Shachtman at WIRED has a post up here. There is a very well-constructed Wikipedia page evolving here.

Mumbai Help: Can we help?

Leave a message if you’re trying to get through to pals in the city.

Preferably leave a cellphone number for both yourself and your friends / family, and we’ll try and SMS them.


Suggest you avoid calling. Lines are bound to be screwed. SMS direct instead.

Mumbai Blasts: Taj Burning; More pics from terrorist killing « Arun Shanbhag

OMG! One of the domes of the Taj is on fire; It is burning like a bonfire! I can actually see the structs/frameworks under the tiles in full blaze. OMG! NO! This can’t be happening!

Live Blogging – Mumbai Terrorist Attacks | BlogAdda Blog

Live Blogging – Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

Here are a few bloggers from Mumbai, who are writing or have just written posts on the terrorist attacks on Mumbai on 26/11.

Jessica Reed: Mumbai attacks: citizen journalism round-up | Comment is free |

Reactions from the Indian blogsophere to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai were posted as events unfolded last night, with firsthand witness accounts and real-time citizen journalism efforts. Here are some of the links to those posts, some of which make use of collaborative tools and web 2.0 technology to spread information around the world about what was happening.

Twitter / dina

#mumbai – ndtv live streaming again on yayy

Alive « Going Anon and on

Today was the premiere of the movie “The President is Coming“. While we were drinking free white wine, courtesy Sula, gunmen armed with grenades and automatic weapons stormed into the Taj (presumably the one in Apollo Bunder) and the Trident in Nariman Point.

One thought on “Blogging Mumbai

  1. As Muslims, we condemn such senseless carnage against innocent civilians, wherever it may occur. This goes against the fundamental spirit of Islam, which promotes a culture of life and humanity, not bloodshed and violence. And another example of why extremist ideology, whatever that ideology may be, needs to be refuted and condemned.

    “Whoever kills a person [unjustly]… it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an, 5:32)

    Today, we join all Indians in expressing our outrage and our condemnation of this senseless spilling of innocent blood.

    Terrorists on Murderous Rampage in Mumbai: As Muslims, We Condemn it

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