Making sense of the emotional field

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  1. Tess says:

    Dear Martijn,

    I have skipped the last three paragraphs but still feel like I should react.

    “are emotions also ways of knowing and understanding what is happening in the field as Shane J. Blackman seems to argue?” > this really hits home for me. I’d say (scream, sing out loud) YES.

    Moreover, I’d say you have a right, or a need, to mourn the loss of this person “M”. A need that you should honour for yourself, first.

    Also, I get the sense he committed suicide? Or possibly died under influence of peer pressure, did something knowing he would end for a higher cause?

    Anger seems an important theme. I guess this triggers me because I feel a lot of “misplaced” or “unhealthy” anger goes round these days, and is fuelled in certain circles. Because we do not know how to use it as a power. In the way the ancient Greeks did (thyme). To empower ourselves; to honour the gift that is our life, that are our loved ones, on this beautiful planet.

    I hope I am not completely off the mark here, or sound like a self proclaimed guru. But this is something I have discovered for myself in years of sadness (call it depression or burnout if you will). Peter Sloterdijk’s “Anger and Time” helped me to this idea. And that has helped me get out, and stay out, and encounter the world with fresh eyes and heart.

    If this hits home with you, consider yourself invited to my blog where I try to put some of this into words. To nurture others as it has nurtured me.

  2. martijn says:

    Dear Tess,

    Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. To be clear, no M’s death has nothing to do with suicide at all but since I have to protect M’s anonimity, I cannot go into that further.

    I take up your suggestion of Sloterdijk’s ‘Anger and Time’; I have it here but did not come around to read it. I will do it now.

  3. Tess says:

    Hi Martijn,

    Did I say I actually read Peter Sloterdijk? Well, I did not. My stepdad did. I read some abstracts, Wikipedia and googled around it a bit.

    I can highly recommend Ranfar Kouwijzer’s essay referencing him: Which I did read.

    Not suicide or peer pressure related death, that comes like something of a relief. But of course, I’ll never really know – or feel the need to.

    Good luck,


  4. Yakoub says:

    Carolyn Ellis (2004) The Autoethnographic I (AltaMira)

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