Women of Tahrir Square

Two short films on the role and position of women in the Egyptian uprising. Both celebrating the various positions women have taken up. When the people in Tahrir called for “Dignity, Freedom, and Social Justice.” they challenged stereotypes of Arabs as apathetic, politically backward and submissive to their authoritarian leaders. For women these stereotypes were even stronger since they were seen as not only having to deal with the authoritarian leaders in the political elite but also at their homes. Now with the revolutions it were in particular the men who were portrayed as the hero’s and there (sometimes justified and/or understandable) worries that women would become victims of the revolution. Both films challenge that assumption.

The first one is by NDTV:

The next one is more pamflet by Yasmin Moll, highlighting “the powerful role women played in Egypt’s January 25th revolution.”

The Women of Tahrir from Yasmin Moll on Vimeo. Read the blog about the documentary written by her.


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