Film & PhD – Moroccan Women Today: New Perspectives


Moroccan Women Today: New Perspectives

November 29th, 2013

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‘Female Religious Agents In Morocco: Old Practices and New Perspectives’

11.00  / Dissertation defense  –  Mrs. A. Ouguir

Location: Aula – Oude Lutherse kerk / Singel 411, Amsterdam


Aziza Ouguir will defend her doctoral dissertation, written in the context of the NWO project ‘Women & Islam: New Perspectives,’ on the history and contemporary reception of female saints in Morocco. Ouguir shows the continuation of female religious agency among women in Morocco that counters conventional images of Moroccan Muslim women as victims of patriarchal religious ideologies.

(Promoters:  Prof. dr. mr. R. Peters, Prof. dr. F. Sadiqi  /  co-promoter: dr. K.V. Q. Vintges)



Moroccan Women Today

19.00 – 21.00 / Presentation of the documentary ‘Women Today: Morocco 2013’


Location: Doelenzaal – Universiteitsbibliotheek (UvA) / Singel 425, Amsterdam

The film gives voice to a number of Moroccan women in their attempt to develop new female emancipatory visions. Which vocabularies and sources do Moroccan women’s organizations make use of? How do Moroccan women today appropriate and / or  reinterpret religious and other cultural traditions so as to underpin women’s participation and rights? Is there or isn’t there a cooperative spirit among women in Morocco that may serve other communities?

Presentation of the documentary ‘Women Today: Morocco 2013’ summarizing the results of the NWO project ‘Women & Islam: New Perspectives’, by film director Nuria Andreu  and project leader Karen Vintges. After the screening there will be a debate with Fatima Sadiqi, Moha Ennaji – both from the University of Fes – and Aziza Ouguir, who are interviewed in the documentary. The film is in English, with Dutch subtitles.


The language of both events is English


Research team ‘Women & Islam: New Perspectives’:

Universiteit van Amsterdam: Dr. K.V.Q. Vintges / Prof. R. Peters / PhD candidate A. Ouguir

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen: Dr. M.W. Buitelaar / Prof. T.H. Zock / PhD candidate F. Ballah

University of Fes / Morocco: Prof. F. Sadiqi, Prof. M. Ennaji


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