An anthropology of Muslims in Europe - A modest attempt by Martijn

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How Dutch politicians, whilst promoting freedom and equality, decided upon a partial ban on the face veil

During a debate in Dutch Parliament in 2000 about integration policy, the social-democrats (PvdA) argued against a one-size fits all approach with regard to regulating the variety of value systems while also stating: “…with respect to the constitutional rights which guarantee freedom of…

Tolerantie en democratisch ongeduld – Impressie van debat in Argan over islamofobie, politiek en actie

Afgelopen dinsdag vond in Amsterdam, bij jongerencentrum Argan, de bijeenkomst De stad van tolerantie plaats over het tegengaan van haat en discriminatie tegen moslims. De bijeenkomst was georganiseerd door het Collectief tegen Islamofobie en Discriminatie (CTID) en Moskee Alert. Aan het discussiepanel namen…

David Theo Goldberg on states, violence and racialized disposability

Histories of Violence is a multi-media forum dedicated to exploring the theoretical, empirical and aesthetic dimensions to violence. Founded and Directed by Dr. Brad Evans, this trans-disciplinary project provides an open access platform for the specific purposes of academic and public engagement; knowledge…


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