Eva F. Nisa

Eva Nisa is currently a lecturer at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Previously a post-doc fellow in the Problematizing ‘Muslim Marriages’ project, she is still an active member of the team and affiliated researcher. Nisa received her Ph.D. from the Department of Anthropology, Australian National University in 2013. She completed her Master’s degree at the University of Leiden (the Netherlands) with a major in Islamic Studies. Previously, she had completed her Bachelor’s degree majoring in Islamic studies, at the Faculty of Theology, Al-Azhar University (Egypt). Nisa focuses on three research topics relating to unconventional marriages: online siri (secret) marriage in Jakarta (Indonesia), contract marriage in Bogor (Indonesia), and halal (Shari’a compliant) speed dating in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).


Nisa, Eva, ‘The Shari’a Compliancy Craze: Changes in Matchmaking Trends among Malaysian Muslims’, presentation at University of Otago, Dunedin, August 19, 2016.

Nisa, Eva F., ‘The Bureaucratisation of Muslim Marriage in Indonesia’, presentation at the EuroSEAS Conference, University of Vienna, Austria, August 10-14th, 2015.



Nisa, Eva, ‘Marriage Practices: Indonesia’, Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, ed. by Suad Joseph et al, Brill Reference Online, http://referenceworks.brillonline.com/entries/encyclopedia-of-women-and-islamic-cultures/marriage-practices-indonesia-COM_002088?s.num=0&s.f.s2_parent=s.f.book.encyclopedia-of-women-and-islamic-cultures&s.q=eva+nisa

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