Iris Kolman

Iris Kolman obtained her MSc in International Development Studies, cum laude, at the University of Amsterdam. She did a qualitative study of women activism in Tunisia and, based on her thesis, published a chapter on female activism in Salafism in Salafism After the Arab Awakening: Contending with People’s Power, ed. by Francesco Cavatorta and Fabio Merone (Hurst, 2017). She is currently a PhD researcher in the ERC ‘Problematizing “Muslim Marriages”’ project. Through an analysis of the experience of cohabitation in Tunis, she explores how some Tunisian youth create space for themselves, both literally and figuratively, to live according to their own norms and values – in the field of love and marriage and beyond – in a socially and politically polarised society.



Kolman, Iris (2018) Beyond Non-Registration: Women Opting for Cohabitation in Tunis. Sociology of Islam, 6: 381- 400.


Kolman, Iris, ‘Happily Unmarried in Tunis: cohabitation through the lens of space,’ presentation at WOCMES in Sevilla, Spain, on 19 July 2018.

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