Rahma Bavelaar

Rahma Bavelaar obtained MA degrees in African Studies and History from the School of Oriental and African Studies and Northwestern University where she focused on colonial history, Sufi reformism, Islamic intellectual history and anti-colonial struggle in the Horn of Africa. She is a PhD researcher at the University of Amsterdam in the ERC funded project ‘Problematizing Muslim Marriages’ program.


Bavelaar, Rahma, ‘Framing Mixed Marriages in Egypt’, presentation at the ACMES Research Convention, ‘Marriage controversies: Public Debates and Lived Experiences’m Amsterdam, 28 January 2015.

Kisch, Shifra, Bavelaar, Rahma, Moors, Annelies, ‘Visuality and the politics of publicly staging ‘mixed couples’, Paper presented at ‘Islamic Visualities and In/Visibilities: Reimagining Public Citizenship,’ LUCIS annual conference, Leiden University, Dec. 2017.

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