Coming soon… Fitna IV A small update

A small update on the film that still is not there.

  1. Most Dutch broadcasting companies will not air the film, since they are not allowed to view the film before airing it. Contrary to all other broadcasting companies the NMO (Dutch Muslim Channel) has offered, although not officially, to Wilders to broadcast the film. Wilders has rejected the offer because the NMO also had the condition of viewing it beforehand.
  2. Network Solutions has suspended the account of Although their final decision is still pending there are already actions against the company on the internet for example by Macsmind. In most cases the decision is seen as giving to islamic radicals or muslims in general and a form of pre-censorship and therefore negative for the freedom of speech. It is not proven by the way who issued the complaints.
  3. The Dutch Radio Netherlands Worldwide has released a short film trying to provide an alternative view about the Netherlands in this case. According to them:

    About Fitna, the Netherlands and WildersVery rarely has a film sparked off as much pre-release controversy as ‘Fitna, the movie’, by Dutch MP Geert Wilders. Even before anyone has seen it, ‘Fitna’ has the world asking questions. Questions about the man who made it and his motives. Questions about the country he lives in, and its government – which issues warnings about the film but does nothing to stop it. And questions about the position of Muslims in The Netherlands. The central character in this film is also struggling with these questions, and decides to travel to The Netherlands in search of answers.

    Watch ‘About Fitna’ HERE. The film is a little bit too easy, a-historical and does not zoom in on the motives of people supporting Wilders or his right to release the film (which is not the same!). RNW has received a lot of criticism also for their movie. By some because of giving more attention to Wilders and his film and by others who see it as yet another example of ‘a leftist strategy’ and/or a waste of the tax payers money. If they talk about it at all…

  4. A lot of attention for the 5000 Afghans who demonstrated against the movie and against the Danish cartoons. In this demonstration a dummy representing Wilders and the Dutch and Danish flags were burned. In general however is my impression that is reasonable calm and quiet, and that people (if the are aware of it) are not really impressed or just regard it as another test for ones belief. The same goes for the salafist circles in the Netherlands. One of the salafi imams stated that he saw the film as part of attempt to release anti-Muslim laws in the Netherlands, which I think is highly questionable. Most pleas I have heard so far (publicly and closed) stress the importance of remaing calm and some even regard Wilders statements and plans as ‘un-dutch’.
  5. One of the new campaigns is the I am sorry – campaign by Mediamatic who earlier on organized the El Hema (A fictional Arabic version of a ‘typical’ Dutch store). According to the organizers:

    Well we can’t stop Wilders. He has a right to freedom of expression and he is smart enough to stay within the boundaries of Dutch law. Actually, we do not want to stop his movie because we cherish our freedom of expression. Even stupid populist politicians have fundamental rights. Especially they!We can compete for attention however. And we can produce disinformation. So we are going to make Movies called “Fitna” in which we apologise for Geert Wilders embarrassing behaviour. We will make so many of them that it will be hard to find the movie by Wilders without finding lots of movies apologising for it.

    Just to let the world (and ourselves) know that allowing confused people to speak does not mean that we agree with what they say. Sorry.

    So if you want to join in; just make your own Fitna movie and put it on line. Put on a blonde wig, look cross eyed and say you’re sorry. Film it with you telephone or camera. Then, publish it on line as many times as you can, Youtube, Hyves, Myspace any place. Call it Fitna by Geert Wilders. Add any statement that you like to. Link to your movie and to other movies you like from your blogs and websites. Sorry!

    Let’s smother this Wilders in our apologies. If we work hard enough, no one will be able to find his crap among all the noise we produce. And the world knows how we feel about Wilders and his opportunism.

    See the results on Fitna…sorry HERE

One questions that pops up is if every attempt to criticize the film, or to hinder the release of the film is seen as infringing the freedom of speech, is the conclusion then that the film must be released? And if a film must be released, what does that say about the freedom of speech?

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  1. Wilders Movie Website, Network Solutions, Is Caving Into Radical Islam.

    Muslims Against Sharia neither endorse nor condemn “Fitna”; we have not seen the film. However, we find it disturbing that Network Solution suspended “Fitna” website while hosting a multitude of radical Islamic websites, some of which belong to (or are closely affiliated with) terrorist groups.

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