The Politics of Dutch Tolerance

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  1. What bizar conclusions Paul Mepschen has drawn from the perfectly sensible premises of Zizek…
    If you wish to refute Mepschen’s claim that ‘heterosexual normativity’ acts as an impediment to the social, political and economical emancipation of gays, all you have to do is look at the Pim Fortuyn himself, a man who made Bruno look straight. His support came from the traditional white working and lower middle-classes, not your typical ‘cosmopolitan’ and gay-friendly crowd.
    In my opinion Mepschen confuses ‘heterosexual normativity’ with two things: the desire of many gays and lesbians to lead an average lifestyle (hence gay marriage) and the fact that 90 to 95% of the population is heterosexual (which also explains why two guys making out is not valued equally by all, simple biology).
    Now I know that Paul Mepschen is a socialist activist, and I can’t help but thinking that his intense desire to build this great coalition of all the downtrodden minorities of this earth (against whom?) has tainted his perspective on things.
    How on earth would you reconcile the views of orthodox christians and muslims with on homsexuality with those of gay activists? After all the only serious infringements of gay rights (exclusion, resignation of gay teachers, refusal to marry gays, prayer healings etc.) have come from religious minorities, not from mainstream Dutch society.
    I’m sorry, but this is just weird extreme-leftist politics, not anthropology.

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