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A whole lot of things going in Libya. Too much to cover it all I think and with not that much background information. Trying to help you a little bit:
Background information
The Arab Revolts: Ten Tentative Observations

The extraordinary developments in Tunisia and Egypt during the first six weeks of this year, and more recently in Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere, have inaugurated a revolutionary moment in the Arab world not experienced since 1958. If sustained uprisings continue and spread, it has the potential to develop into an Arab 1848. Based on what we have witnessed thus far, the following observations appear relevant:

EA WorldView – Home – Libya (and Beyond) LiveBlog: Qaddafi Hangs On With Fighter Jets and Bluster
Libya on the brink | FP Passport

Seif’s speech was certainly crazy, but he may be right about one thing: There is a nasty internecine conflict on the way in Libya. From all that we’ve seen, the regime will do anything to stay in power, including shooting people in cold blood with heavy-caliber weapons. It doesn’t look like there will be a nice, friendly “let’s all hold hands and clean up Tahrir Square” moment. After four decades of unspeakable tyranny, Libyans will be out for vengeance.

Seham’s Libya links #feb17 – Blog – The Arabist

The indefatiguable Seham has compiled a long list of links pertaining to Libya.

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Libya: The Violence of An Unraveling Regime [Ongoing Updates]

Despite the unmistakable signs of the fall of the regime, the severity of the situation seems only to be escalating. Confirmed reports describe shoot-to-kill policies in certain parts of the country as well as the use of helicopter gun ships, fighter jets, and other artillery to inflict mass violence. The death toll today, Monday February 21st, alone is currently at 250 with several thousands injured. One of the greatest difficulties in understanding what exactly is happening in Libya is the relative media blackout enforced by al-Qaddafi’s regime, who disabled internet service across the country and disconnected phone service in many parts. Reports have also confirmed the jamming of satellite signals for several news stations, including al-Jazeera, al-Manar, NBN, and New TV. Beyond the fact of the unraveling of a 42-year old authoritarian regime at the hands of a popular uprising and the regime’s massacring of the Libyan people, it is difficult to analyze the situation on the ground. However, there should be no lack of clarity as to both the legitimate aspirations and humbling courage of the Libyan people, as well as the blood that is on the hands of the Libyan regime. The complicity–by virtue of silence–of the broader community of state leaders and international institutions is equally clear.
Below begins an ongoing list of updates on the situation in Libya.

Middle East Uprisings: Libya

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