Egypt: After the Revolution

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  1. marwa says:

    I am an Egyptian woman living in canada ,thanks for your intresting research about Egyptian Revolution ,you were really ohnest …but ,,about “yes ” or “no” vote,its not like that made it seem like that ..salafii or moslimbrotherhood together will make only 20% of the voters..i am niegther of them ,and absolutely not Mubarak lover ..and also dont want the revolution to stop..but i said yes…you know why ..cause i want the parlimane whome i will chose to make me my own new one ..i want to choes who will my new letter in my new book in my new life in my new egypt ..anyways all here looking to moslims from outside ..i am as an egyptian ..want to say to you all ..dont worry egyptian will never let salaffi to ride them…never..about moslim brotherhood ..believe me they are hard workers..they are ordinary people just like you..well educated..may be iam different ..but they still good to me ..cause they care ..not to be famouse or popular …their care comes from their love to their religioun..cause they know well what they should do when they are responsible ..its a long story..its over 60 give them a chance just to know them..iam not afraid of them..and really after jan. 25 i trust egyptians and iam sure they will choes the right answer.
    egyptian woman

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