Islamophobia and the Politics of Hate in Europe – Liz Fekete

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  1. Kafir Harby says:

    The chicken and the egg. What came first, islamophobia (which is a takiyya term) or the intolerant behaviour of muslims towards the kafir, the people of the book, the jews? If the muslims start behaving like normal people in a globalized world, islamophobia will vanish overnight.

  2. nasir says:

    this is a nice explore the ultimate truth.

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    Thanks for the article.

  3. Max says:

    “Islamophobia” is a term often used to cast aspersions on the person offering a reasonable criticism of Islam and any other facet of the religion or its believers. The term would be rightly defined as a fear of Islam. This is not the same thing as hating all Muslims…..Criticizing Islam is not racism.Islam has nothing at all to do with genetics. It is an ideology – a set of beliefs about individual behavior and the rules of society.Neither are Muslims a race of people. In fact, there are Muslims of all races. So, if Muslims are a race, Islam would not only be a racist ideology, but arguably the most hateful and destructive in history. Islam is an ideology that should be open to critical examination.While it’s clearly stated that Islam is not a race, anyone that questions Islam or anything else the Left promotes is called a racist. This is used to silence discussion on important issues. Nobody wants to be considered racist. The Jihadis use this fact as a weapon.So we need to carefully and effectively explain to everyone why criticism of Islam is quite different from hate speech, Islamophobia, or racism. Make this distinction clearly and persuasively. People need to hear about Islam, but as long as they have this barrier to their listening, you can’t get through.Islamophobes include: Hindus, Christians, and Jews who don’t want to be forced into a political system that treats them as third-class citizens.Homosexuals who don’t want to be beaten to death.Intellectuals who value freedom of conscience and public dissent.Females who want to keep their clitoris. Muslims who would like the freedom to leave Islam. ….Wilders, a notorious anti-Muslim activist who once called Islam “the ideology of a retarded culture. Is it not true that jihad terrorists around the world point to passages from the Qur’an and Hadith to justify their terrorism? A fear of terrorism is reasonable in today’s world. The fear of an ideology does not make one a racist. If this were so, anyone who feared Republicans or liberals would be a racist.The term “Islamophobia” is being used to suppress all criticism of Islam whether the criticism is right or wrong.You can say Christians are war mongers, racists, hypocrites, thieves, and a danger to our country. You can say these things and no one will call you a racist or “Christianophobe.” Our leaders have failed to answer the question, “What does a civilization do when a minority culture is not satisfied with simply being accepted, but demands that their culture legally dominate the civilization even while they remain radical separatists?”We are living in the middle of a global jihad.All human beings have equal value, but all cultures are not equal.The purpose of the word “Islamophobia” is to place restrictions on free speech. It is being used to blackmail our culture.

  4. Daniel says:

    The world is not developing in the right way. Muslim people should live in their own countries and build successful societies at home. And developed countries should help them to. Instead there is the process of mixing populations, bringing millions of people with quite a different mentality to Europe and creating multiple problems. This is unnatural and hence Islamophobia and other phobias. If Europeans do not want more Muslim people coming you can’t blame them for this. There is no solution to this other than help countries outside Europe and the US develop more quickly.

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