Flash mobs are so [fill in whatever year]. Are they? The video below is, I think, an example of how powerful a flash mob can be. It shows a flash mob protest by Muslim youth in at Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia, on the 19th May 2012 to raise awareness of the oppression of the people of Syria by the Assad regime.

They have a facebook page to coordinate the flash mobs (next one will be coming Sunday). Interestingly, they also yes the yellow black rab4a symbol that appears to gain currency from a symbol of solidarity among Turkish people with the victims of the bloodshed in Egypt to a global symbol against violence, intolerance and oppression and for justice, freedom and peace. This particular movement, Silence is Betrayal!, presents itself on their facebook page as a

A movement of young people with a vision of raising awareness for justice in the world. If we remain silent, then we betray our moral obligations by not speaking out for justice and against injustice.


H/T: A.A.