Syrian philosopher Sadiq Jalal al-Azm (1934-2016)

Sadiq Jalal Al-Azm born in 1934 has died. He was a Professor Emeritus of Modern European Philosophy at the University of Damascus in Syria and, until 2007, a visiting professor in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. He was specialized on the work of German philosopher Immanuel Kant and also worked a […] Continue Reading →

‘A gift from the sky’ – Lebanese diaspora in Africa

Over a century-and-a-half, a combination of political instability, economic forces, famine and conflict has brought successive waves of Lebanese to West Africa, from where they have fanned out across the continent. The influx continues today. The Al Jazeera documentary From Lebanon to Africa follows the story of Lebanese emigrants – how their communities in Africa […] Continue Reading →

Britain’s First Yemenis

Al Jazeera’s Britain’s First Yemenis Half a world away in the UK, British Yemenis view events in their home country with concern – and feel a responsibility to offer help to the country and its people at a difficult time. But their own story is also worth hearing. Yemenis are among the longest-established Muslim communities […] Continue Reading →

Syria: The Reckoning (part I and II)

Syria: The Reckoning – Al Jazeera English Filmmaker: Suhaib Abu Doulah Since its independence from France in 1946, Syria has been rocked by periods of political instability. As the colonial hold of the great powers began to fade and the region witnessed a wave of Arab nationalism, Syria shifted through a succession of military coups. […] Continue Reading →

Vluchtelingen & huwelijk: Dwang en minderjarigheid

Kindhuwelijken In alle discussies over de vluchtelingen is er nu een specifiek punt bijgekomen: meisjes van 13, 14 of 15 die hun man achterna zouden reizen wanneer die hier een verblijfsvergunning heeft gekregen. Kamer: geen gezinshereniging bij kindhuwelijken | NOS Kamerlid Kuiken noemt het onacceptabel dat meisjes van 13 of 14 hun man, die al […] Continue Reading →