Annelies Moors

Annelies Moors studied Arabic at the University of Damascus and Arabic and anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. She holds the chair for contemporary Muslim societies at the department of anthropology at the University of Amsterdam.

From 2001-2008 she has been the Amsterdam chair of the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World. She has held visiting positions at the University of San’a, Yemen, and was Honorably Visiting Professor at the London School of Fashion (London University of the Arts). She was the primary investigator of an international NORFACE research programme on ‘The emergence of Islamic fashion in Europe’, and of the NWO Cultural Dynamics programme on ‘Islamic cultural practices and performances: New youth cultures in Europe’. Currently, she is the PI of the NWO programme Muslim Activism in the Netherlands after 1989 and of the ERC advanced grant ‘Problematizing “Muslim Marriages”: Ambiguities and Contestations’.

She has published widely on gender, nation and religion in such fields as Muslim family law and Islamic marriages, wearing gold, the visual media (postcards of Palestine), migrant domestic labor, Islamic fashion, and wearing face-veils. She is also a core group member of the Arab Families Working Group (AFWG). See:


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