Syria's Torture Machine – A film by channel4

Dear readers, the next documentary is gruesome and heartbreaking but how to interpret the images shown?. Syria’s Torture Machine is a documentary made by the British Channel4. According to the site’s info:

An investigation into the detention and torture of Syrian civilians, featuring shocking video evidence of men, women and children being subjected to beatings, whippings and more elaborate torture.

In this film, victims, refugees and activists who have experienced or witnessed such brutality at the hands of Syrian President al-Assad’s forces speak out.

Their stories, combined with the torture footage, refute President Assad’s claims that his forces are simply quelling an armed insurgency.

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Disturbing and distressing descriptions and film of torture and atrocities, including the deaths of children.

Syria’s Torture Machine – A Film by Channel 4 door zooz13
It is difficult to verify all the claims made by Miller in his documentary as he admits as well. As with almost all reports on Syria, Miller relies heavily on UN information and human rights groups. Anthony Cuthbertson review contains an important warning when interpreting these images:
Guernica / Anthony Cuthbertson: Syria’s Torture Machine

Syria’s Torture Machine makes tough viewing and goes far to refute President Assad’s claims that his forces are merely quelling armed insurgence. Yet it seems to do so with the underlying intent of softening up the public for another “intervention” in the Middle East. It is not enough to accept this kind of “documentation” and its nauseating content. What is needed is some sense of the larger picture, and whether or not we, too, might be victims. For Assad and his regime have long been brutal, yet Western governments never complained. We do need to ask whether or not some larger agenda is being played out.

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