Syria's Children – 'Blood Like Water'

A very disturbing but important report by filmmaker Marcel Mettelsiefen who has spent several weeks with children working(!) in Dar Al-Shifa city hospital in Aleppo. The film features children like Mohamed Asaf and Yussef Mohamed who treat Aleppo’s war wounded.

Before Aleppo entered the revolution this city had 5,000 medical staff. Now 600,000 civilians are cared for by just 30 doctors and nurses, along with the help of children like Yussef and Mohamed. We see amazing children doing amazing work but becoming desensitized as well:

“With time it has become easy: blood has become like water to me.

“In the beginning, when I saw blood, I would shiver and be frightened but now I see blood as water I don’t have any problem when I see it.”

This film above was shot by Marcel Mettelsiefen, produced/directed by Teresa Smith and edited by Agnieszka Liggett and broadcast by Channel4: Syria’s Descent: the agony of Aleppo’s children.

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