Closer Heat Wave Service – Really good podcasts on Intersectionality, Gender, Race and Islamophobia

As I was cycling through the beautiful Bommelerwaard and resting near the water (yes, there is a reason I’m cycling here and not in the Tour de France), the thought occurred that it was actually to warm to do anything. So when I came home I listened to a podcast (no 1 below) in the shade with a liter of icetea. It was a conversation on Network ReOrient with Salman Sayyid about the recent (UK) definition of Islamophobia as “a type of racism that targets Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.” In this interview Sayyid refers to this incident of anti-Muslim racism. It is part of a longer series of really interesting podcasts which you can find here (and I will list two more below).

A second podcast is an interview with Yahya Birt on decolonial Muslim political activism and thought in Britain.

And the third one from ReOrient is a conversation between Salman Sayyid and Ella Shohat on a variety of topics such as the significance of 1492, Orientalism and race.

Check the whole series HERE and also the Critical Muslim website.

Also my colleagues from the political science department of the University of Amsterdam have their own blog and podcast series: already one of my favorites from the first moment on. Check their blog and podcast series HERE (Dutch and English). Listen, for example, to Episode 32 – Intersectionality and activism, with Akwugo Emejulu:

And yes, there is a new podcast in Dutch: BAAAZ by Nora Ledrhem, Fouzia Outmany and Jamila Faloun. Last week they had their first episode with Aminata Cairo on education and inclusiveness. This week the second with Sarah Bracke from the University of Amsterdam on her research project ‘Engendering the Muslim Question’.

This should help you to get through the heat wave and if not, try again.

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