The Ottowa Citizen: Lessons from Holland

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2 Responses

  1. irisblue says:

    Hey…aren’t we great writers in Ottawa?
    Good article, I missed it here – Thanks for posting it. What did you think of the journalist’s assessment of the situation?

  2. martijn says:

    Indeed, not bad over there in Ottawa 😉

    I think the journalist has done a very good job. In my opinion mr. Mak who is quoted by him, is far too apologetic and his essay was so uncareful and one-sided that his call for peace and quiet almost backfired.

    The journalist has more or less gone further than the ordinary pictures of Holland as (on one side) a tolerant, nice little country and on the other hand the intolerant country struggling with the problems of multicultural society. It’s a pity that non-Muslims who do fear Muslims and Islam are not included in the article. Although the situation is improving for both Muslims and non-Muslims the position of Islam (and religion in general for that matter) is still an issue. (It is therefore striking that with the upcoming elections, integration is no issue at all in the election campaign).

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