The hard surveillance of Muslims – ‘I was investigated by the government’s anti-radicalisation programme’

Taken from the Guardian: After Rahmaan Mohammadi, 17, organised a fundraiser for Palestine at his school in east London he found himself under investigation by the anti-radicalisation programme Prevent, with visits to his home by the police. He finds out more about the strategy and its implementation and speaks to others who have been investigated […] Continue Reading →

Syria: The Reckoning (part I and II)

Syria: The Reckoning – Al Jazeera English Filmmaker: Suhaib Abu Doulah Since its independence from France in 1946, Syria has been rocked by periods of political instability. As the colonial hold of the great powers began to fade and the region witnessed a wave of Arab nationalism, Syria shifted through a succession of military coups. […] Continue Reading →

Salafisme!!1! – Waar hebben we het eigenlijk over?

De afgelopen maanden hebben we veel discussie gezien over ‘salafisme’ mede naar aanleiding van een motie van Ahmed Marcouch. Afgelopen week heeft de regering haar standpunt bepaald met betrekking tot die moties. Kort gezegd houdt de regering vast aan de bescherming en autonomie die de vrijheid van godsdienst geeft aan moslims, maar probeert ook ongewenste […] Continue Reading →