Faith, Fit and Fun – Islam & Sports

Both sports and religion have socializing institutions and sports is often used as a means to socialize, educate and discipline people. Although Islam is often connected with seriousness and discipline and sports with playfulness and joy, the two have more in common than we might realize. Continue Reading →

Three days of the West – What is Westernization?

Last week in the Netherlands we had, again, a debate on young asylum seekers. It was decided that a 14-year old Afghan girl could remain in the Netherlands although their asylum request had been rejected. One of the criteria that played a role in the recent decision to let them stay is that she is 'westernized' over the years. The criterium of 'Westernization' is not defined however. Service orien Continue Reading →

Zanga Zanga in Libya

A few weeks ago Libyan leader Kadaffi gave an already famous speech in which he vowed to fight and die as a martyr. The rest of the speech was ominous but also incomprehensible. His speech appears to have become a youtube's meme like for example Hitler's speeches taken from the great film Der Untergang that has produced many hilarious new takes on Youtube. I will give you four here. Continue Reading →