Islamophobia in the Netherlands – An Appeal

The Collective against Islamophobia and Discrimination (CTID) published an open letter to minister Asscher and the political parties. Referring to Asscher’s letter to Parliament about radicalization of Muslim youth in which Asscher emphasizes the importance of freedom of religion and the idea the freedom of religion should not jeopardize the freedom of others, the CTID welcomes the initiatives against radicalization, anti-semitism and homophobia. The CTID asks minister Asscher and the political parties to recognize Islamophobia as an important phenomenon in Dutch society that also threatens the religious of freedom of Dutch citizens. Furthermore they ask the minister and political parties what kind of measures they want to implement to counter Islamophobia.

You can read the full text in Dutch here:

Or read it on Martijn’s site: Islamofobie: Een appèl aan minister Asscher en politieke partijen

Full disclosure: Martijn is involved in drafting en finalizing the text of the appeal

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