#TeamOrange: Worldcup and Dutch mosques turning Orange

Dutch Mevlana mosque – Facebook ‘Ik ben ook Marokkaan’ (I’m Moroccan as well’)

The Turkish Dutch Mevlana mosque in Rotterdam turned Orange yesterday in (a display of) support for the Dutch football team playing against Spain. Continue reading #TeamOrange: Worldcup and Dutch mosques turning Orange

Becoming/Making Visible/Unvisible

When doing research on interventions in the public domain the issue of visibility and invisibilty is an interesting and thought provoking one. A 2013 issue of American Ethnologist explores this theme and regards visibility and invisibility as:

visibility and invisibility as “active processes, not merely empirical states or static qualities of appearance or nonappearance.

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Cultural Anthropology: Activism

The Journal Cultural Anthropology has an interesting series Field Notes on Activism. Paula Serafini writes:

Field Notes on Activism — Cultural Anthropology

reflect on what activism is, how it is experienced, and how it functions as a force for social and political change. This series of four posts looks at generating a discussion on activism as a practice, but also activism as a subject of study. By drawing from contributors’ experiences and diverse areas of expertise, this series will hopefully not only amount to a stimulating academic debate, but also contribute to a wider discussion on the role of activism in society.

As usual the series contains four posts: provocation – translation – deviation – integration. Continue reading Cultural Anthropology: Activism