Dutch mosque organizations condemn #ParisAttacks

After the terrorist attacks in Paris yesterday, Friday 13 November, Dutch mosques and umbrella organisations have issued statements all condemning the attacks. Here a brief overview with summaries and excerpts:

Bringing flowers to the French embassy

In the video you see Dutch people bringing flowers to the French Embassy in The Hague. Among them the chairman of CMO (see below), imam Yassin Elforkani (former chairman of CMO). The woman in the video states:

This has nothing to do with Islam. This is not my faith. They probably do not know Islam.

Yassin Elforkani calls for an ‘increased effort’ to counter radicalization among Dutch Muslim youth.
CMO – Contact Muslims Government
CMO is the national umbrella organisation uniting several ethnic mosque organisations. In a press release they state:

The attacks are barbarian and inhumane. The Dutch Muslim community is intensely sad and feels connected to all victims and the French people. Our thoughts are with the families and loved ones of the victims. Let us be alert that these sick criminals do not divide us with their coward crimes.

RMMN – Council of Moroccan Mosques in the Netherlands
The RMMN is a small mosque umbrella organisations uniting a few Moroccan-Dutch mosques. In its press release chairman Yahia Bouyafa states:

Islam teaches us that whoever kills a human being, it is as if he had killed all mankind [reference to a Quran verse). Our intense feelings of compassion and prayers are with all the victims and those left behind. Together with all Europeans who subscribe to democracy and the rule of law, we will keep fighting against violence and hate, regardless of who is the perpetrator. In order to make a united fist against terror and extremists.

SICN – Foundation Islamic Centre the Netherlands
SICN, a Turkish-Dutch Süleymanlilar umbrella organisation, published the following statement on its website:

Foundation Islamic Centre the Netherlands condemns and abhors the coward and horrible terror acts in Paris.

Terror has no place in any religion or worldview whatsoever and is completely irreconcilable with our norms. We condemn these coward atrocious acts in the strongest way possible. Our condolences and deep sympathies are to the families and loved ones of those involved and to the French people.

Again a horrendous act threatens to hinder living together peacefully by which we are able to recognize each other as humans. The Muslims community is part of the Dutch and European society. Let us be alert together and not give distrust, hate and destruction between people a chance.

Islamic Foundation the Netherlands
The ISN is a Turkish-Dutch Diyanet umbrella organisation. On its website the following statement:

The horrible attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015 are not only aimed against a country, area or part of the world, but are an attack on all human values with peace as a common value.

As Dutch Muslims, belonging to a religion that holds peace in high regard, we are worried and we are sad because of this act of terror in France, but also because of all other attacks in the world based upon hate, discrimination and terror.

These inhumane attackers and those who control these terrrorists have no respect for Allah, people or other life.

We call to jointly reflect about all violent acts all over the whole world aimed against mankind and to urgently work on preventive solutions.

Unfortunately, these kind of terror attacks are used by some to turn a community of faith aimed at mercy for all into a scapegoat. Possible actions that are the consequence of that are as bad as the barbaric acts of terrorists.

we condemn the violent attacks and empathize the major grief of the French people which is a grief of all mankind. We pray that mankind will be protected against this kind of sad events and invite everyone to pray with us.

Nederlandse islamitische federatie – Dutch Islamic Federation
The Dutch Islamic Federation is a Turkish-Dutch Milli Görüş umbrella organisation. On its website the following statement:

The attacks in Paris are an attack on our society. A society that exists of people with different ethnic and religious backgrounds. Divided by background, united in our grief and horror. Terrorism and attacks aim to divide our society and to spread fear. Fear is the weapon of choice of terrorists, not ours. As a society we have to be aware not to use the weapon of the terrorists and be guided by fear. Now more than ever it is important to contribute to peace and to counter fear through dialogue and tolerance. The Dutch Islamic Federation calls upon Dutch society to speak out together against all hate and violence. A sound of love and unity, regardless of color or religion. As NIF we sympahtize with all victims of terrorism in 2015. Those who have died in France, Turkey, Denmark, Yemen, and other countries all over the world, our thoughts are with the next of kin. The major victim of terrorism is mankind, the greatest loss however is the loss of our humanity. We call upon everyone now more than ever to engage in a dialogue and to support each other in these difficult times.

As Soennah mosque
The As Soennah mosque (claiming the salafi manhaj) in The Hague has published a statement on its website:

We express our condolences and sympathy to the next of kin and all loved ones of the deceased. These attacks show again that we, Muslims and non-Muslims, are facing a major challenge. Our society apparently harbours people who threaten our safety and want to spread fear, destruction and division. As Muslims we have the religious and moral duty to actively challenge these excesses and not to remain passive bystanders. […] Wise people choose the road of dialogue and discussion, and not of violence. And herein also Muslims have to take up responsibility and in our view even take the lead. […] We also want to say to the authorities, police, municipalities, politicians and security services, that an unsophisticated approach and tough measures against all Muslims does not enhance the fight against terrorism, it enables the terrorists. Muslims should not get the feeling that they are all suspect and that their rights and privacy are violated in an unjust way. They have to have the feeling that they are part of society and that they are treated as an ally in the fight against terrorism.

Imam Malik Center
Imam Malik Center is a mosque in Leiden. On their facebook page they published the following image stating
ICIM Leiden expresses its solidarity with all the victims in Paris and wish their loved ones all the best

Het ICIM-Leiden is solidair met alle slachtoffers in Parijs en wensen de nabestaanden veel sterkte toe. #ParisAttacks

Posted by Islamitisch Centrum Imam Malik Leiden on Friday, 13 November 2015


Kuba Mosque IJmuiden
Kuba mosque is the major mosque of IJmuiden. On their facebook page they state in Turkish and Dutch:

TERÖRÜ LANETLİYORUZ.NL : Het bestuur van de Kuba moskee veroordeelt de terroristische aanslagen in Parijs en onze…

Posted by Kuba Moskee / HDV Kuba camii on Saturday, 14 November 2015

The board of the Kuba mosque condemns the terror attacks in Paris and our thoughts are with all the innocent victims and their loved ones. Let us all keep calm and, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion and color be united against terrorism in the world!

Al Fourqaan mosque and Fatih mosque and Al Waqf
Al Fourqaan (salafi manhaj), its foundation Al Waqf and the Fatih mosque are established in Eindhoven. The chairman of the Al Fourqaan mosque, Nasr el Damanhoury, stated:

‘This is forbidden in Islam. It is terrible that this has happened.’

The chairman urges people not to use the attacks to blame Islam and Muslims.

The spokersperson of the Fatih mosque states:

Only words like terror and inhumane are appropriate here.

On Facebook Al Waqf published its statement:

The coward attacks by IS last night in Paris, taking about 128 innocent victims, are not only a barbarian attack against humanity but also a disgrace for Islam. They show that violent extremism and bloodshed go hand in hand. We are convinced that these barbarians are driven by resentment and hatred against our society and aim to divide the Islamic community. We will stick no less to the humanitarian principles based upon Quran and Sunna and to challenge the violent extremism and sectarianism preached by IS and her sympathizers.

Waqf hereby condolences first of all the loved ones and next of kin, the French government, the Parisian municipality and the entire French society.

Niet mijn islam – Not my Islam
The facebook group Niet mijn islam (established after the Charlie Hebdo and Jewish supermarket attack and not connected to any mosque) also released a statement:

Paris, the city of love, was attack again last night by those who believe in hate. Again the blood of innocent victims flows in the street. […] But we also mourn the other Paris. The Paris of the Middle East, Beirut, where yesterday the same hate striked.

Let us all to the opposite. Let us hold each other. Let us promise to each other that no matter what happens we will not let go of each other. Whatever happens, we are there for each other. Whatever happens, we will not let fear divide us.

#NietmijnislamParijs, de stad van de liefde, werd vanavond wederom aangevallen door hen die geloven in haat. Weer…

Posted by Nietmijnislam on Friday, 13 November 2015

Wij Blijven Hier – We are here to stay
The popular website Wij Blijven Hier expressed its sympathy on twitter:

We express our sincere sympathy and condolences to the loved ones of the victims

Abi Bakr mosque (Nijmegen)
On facebook they released the following statement:

Regardless of who are the killers, as humans and Muslims we want to reject and condemn these acts without hesitation. Killing random citizens, whereever, is in no way defensible. We pray and hope that the perpetrators, the people who prepare and the accomplices will get an appropriate punishment. We also would like to urge our fellow citizens in the Netherlands and Nijmegen not to blame the acts of a few to the Muslim community as a whole. Muslims are as much victims of this terror as non-Muslims. Only by remaining calm and by cooperation we can ban this evil from the world.

Assalamoe alaikoem beste broeders en zusters,Afgelopen nacht is Parijs opgeschrikt door een reeks verschrikkelijke…

Posted by Moskee Abi Bakr on Saturday, 14 November 2015

al- Ighaatha
The Al-Ighaatha foundation for Muslims in need published a statement on Facebook

We, and every sensible Muslim who knows his religion, distance ourselves completely from these acts. We do NOT do this to apologize for the actions of others and/or to take responsibility in front of ‘others’.

No we distance ourself from these acts of terror simply because they are completely contrary to the Islam we (claim) to follow. […] These acts of terror do not in any way contribute in a positive way to the lives of Muslims. The opposite is often the bitter truth. The ‘others’ will express their revenge on (everything) Muslims (own). […] In this regard, we urge our sisters not to leave the house unnecessarily and/or without mahram.

Bismillaah,Assalaamu 3alaykum wa ra7matullaah,Beste donateurs & volgers,Naar aanleiding van de droevige…

Posted by Stichting al- Ighaatha on Saturday, 14 November 2015

Platform INS
The hizmet(Gülen) affiliated Platform INS issued a statement on its website:

With horror we, Platform INS, have followed the attacks against French citizens. We most strongly condemn this attack and we join the statement of mr. Fethullah Gülen, one of our sources of inspiration.

“I strongly condemn the brutal terror attacks that took place in Paris and that led to murder and wounding hundreds of innocent civilians. Every terror attack, regardless where it happens, is a strike against peace and harmony of people all over the world. These terror attacks are not only an attack on French civilians, but also constitute an attack on universal human values – which we all share – and human solidarity.

Hereby I want to repeat my unconditional condemnation of all sorts of terror – regardless of who the perpetrators are and what their goals are. Not one act of terror regardless the motive can be condoned.

I give my condolences to the next of kin of all victims, their loved ones and the French people.
I pray to God that He will lead all people to a world of peace and harmony. I invite everyone to pray with me and to express solidarity against all forms of terrorism and for the effort of establishing peace on earth.

Vereniging van Marokkaanse moskeeën Zuid-Nederland – Union of Moroccan mosques South-Netherlands
After a meeting with the Rotterdam mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb, Said Igalla of the Union of Moroccan mosques South Netherlands issued a statement against the attacks:

The impact of these attacks is so big that we and our children got the chills. We condemn these attacks unconditionally. There is no justification for these acts of terror.

The members of the mosques in Rotterdam also expressed their concerns about their own safety. According to the mayor there is no reason to be concerned although the municipality is alert. The organisations plan to hold a large demonstration against terrorism Monday evening in front of the Essalam mosque in Rotterdam. The declaration is published on the website of SPIOR (Platform of Islamic Organisations Rijnmond).

Samenwerkingsverband Brabantse en Zeeuwse moskeeën – Cooperation Brabant and Zeeland mosques
A confederation of mosques in the provinces Noord-Brabant and Zeeland (south of the Netherlands) has released a statement condemning the attacks.

The cooperation of Brabant and Zeeland mosques is shocked and abhorred by the terror attacks in Paris […] Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends. Because the attacks have been committed by people who claim to act in the name of Islam, we have the (religious) responsibility to distance ourselves from these horrible crimes unconditionally and in strong terms. These acts are also an attack on the values of Islam. Our religion teaches us that ‘whoever kills one person, it is as if he killed the whole of humanity’.

In connection to several incidents related to mosques in the region, among others an attempted arson at the mosque in Roosendaal […], we have decided to take extra safety precautions. Besides the already existing camera surveillance extra security personnel and volunteers will be deployed to permanently monitor the mosquebuildings in West-Brabant and Zeeland. The different boards of the mosques monitor the security situation and are in close contact with each other, the police and local authorities. The community is advised to remain calm and alert.

Samenwerkingsverband Brabantse en Zeeuwse moskeeën veroordeelt terreuraanslagen Parijs en is extra waakzaamHet…

Posted by El-Feth Moskee Tilburg on Saturday, 14 November 2015

IG Fadjr Helmond
The IG Fadjr mosque in Helmond (south) published a statement on its Facebook page:

I.G. Al Fadjr is disgusted by the terror in Paris.

With horror we have learned about the disgusting and inhumane acts of terror in Paris by IS. With these attacks they show again their hateful and barbaric character. How dare they commit such cruel acts against humanity in the name of Islam? IG Fadjr denounces IS, its ideology, actions and acts in every form and will speak out against this terror that is a threat to our society.

Our condolences to the victims and their loved ones.

Terror acts are meant to disrupt a society. Let us provide the right example by not doing that, but by standing shoulder to shoulder for an open and better society in which a diversity of people can live next to each other.

I.G Al Fadjr walgt van terreur in ParijsMet afgrijsing hebben wij kennisgenomen van de walgelijke en onmenselijke…

Posted by I.G. Al Fadjr on Saturday, 14 November 2015

Muslima Matters
Muslima Matters is an organisation for Muslim women in the Netherlands. They published the following statement on their facebook page:

Muslima Matters expresses it solidarity. Solidarity with those who are victims of violence and terror, not only in Paris but also those residing in countries that hardly make headlines. Let this be the moment in which we all, regardless color, ethnicity or religion, show that there is no room for violence, murder, abuse of religion, tarnishing, discrimination and racism, and that we in the Netherlands are able to unite on a level that far transcends our differences.

May Allah those who have, directly or indirectly, fallen welcome in Djenna. May He bless all those who have suffered loss with patience and strength. May He bless all those who have persevered the ordeals with wisdom and peace. May He provide the innocent with protection and the guilty with that what Allah wants him to become.

Al Nisa
Al Nisa is the Dutch national Muslim women’s organization. They published the next statement

Al Nisa for humanity, against terror
The Dutch Muslim women’s organisation Al Nisa, strands for a peaceful world in which everyone is free and equal. We are deeply shocked and saddened by the increasing number of attacks in different parts of the world, among which Paris and Beirut. Al Nisa sympathizes with the family members of the (deceased) innocent victims.

The terror attacks are based upon hate, destruction and rejection. As a Dutch Muslim organisation Al Nisa condemns all forms of terrorism. The message of Islam and of Al Nisa is peaceful and constructive.

The Quran and Sunnah are clear about humanity and peace. The Quran clearly says “aya surah maida”. We distance ourselves from people who abuse these peaceful texts for their own interests.

We call upon all Dutch people to come together in times of need. We do not allow ourselves to go crazy. Our togetherness knows no borders and therefore we will not be divided by the enemies of freedom. We our proud about our civilization with its diversity and its values and norms.

Al Nisa vóór medemenselijkheid, tégen terreurDe Nederlandse Moslimvrouwen organisatie Al Nisa, staat voor een…

Posted by Al Nisa on Sunday, 15 November 2015

March for peace, tolerance and living TOGETHER
At 14.00pm a march for peace, tolerance and living together will begin at the Al Kabir mosque in Amsterdam. This is a demonstration for solidarity with Parisiens, against extremism, hate and violence (this will be updated later). The march will follow a route with places that matter for people who have arrived in the Netherlands in the last 75 years and is organized by mosques and synagogues in Amsterdam.

Rotterdam initiatives
On Sunday there was a meeting in Rotterdam organized by the local migrant umbrella organization.

In an interview the imam of the Essalam mosque in Rotterdam Azzedine Karrat calls upon people to talk to there neighbours and to have an open attitude towards people with questions, for example colleagues at work:

Everyone knows Islam does not use a Kalashnikov but Muslims have committed attacks. For us it is important to engage in these talks.

Al Fitrah Foundation
Al Fitrah is an educational institute (salafi manhaj). On its facebook page the following statement (excerpt):

First of all we would like to remind the world to the fact that Muslims are the first and major victims of the ideology that underpins the incident in France. Muslims to this day still suffer from the injustice of this ideology. We distance ourselves from every form of injustice, where ever, that causes innocent victims.

Secondly, we call upon our Muslim youth to remain calm and to ask Allaah subhaanahu wa-ta3aalaa for help and a way out of all the injustice we experience today. We ask the youth the follow and obey the scholars who follow the moderation that is within the Quran, Sunnah and the explanations of the companions and who denounce these injustices. […]

Thirdly we remind islamic organisations and institutions to see these events as an opportunity to call people to follow Allaah subhaanahu wa-ta3aalaa via the moderate Islam, who spreads justice among all. We also remind them pertaining to specific developments in the safety of mosques, that they cooperate with local authorities to protect the mosques. May Allah guard the mosques.

Fourthly, we direct our attention to our fellow citizens. We ask every Dutch citizen not to get carried away by opportunists who will abuse these events for incitement between Muslims and non-Muslims. We also call upon every Dutch citizen to study the Islam and its message and to get to know the true Islamic message making us as Dutch citizens closer together. The true followers of Islam abhor every form of injustice against anyone in this world.

Fifthly, we direct our attention to politicians who have a big responsbility in this country to maintain the societal order, to calm the nerves and to not abuse this event to create a non-existing conflict in the Netherlands between Muslims and non-Muslim. Politicians should take this as an opportunity through their acts and statements to create a better situation of living together for Muslims and non-Muslims.


Bismi-llaahi-Rrahmaani-Rrahiem Naar aanleiding van de gebeurtenissen in Frankrijk op vrijdag 13 november jl. verklaart…

Posted by Stichting alFitrah on Saturday, 14 November 2015

Wake Leiden
Mustafa Kus organized a wake in the city of Leiden for all its citizens in solidarity with the victims of the Paris attacks.

Look at this as a spontaneous action of citizens. I’m sick and tired of those terrorists! Peace and friendship is our message!

Refugees Arnhem
Refugees from Syria, residing in the city of Arnhem, walked through the city in solidarity with the victims in Paris

Refugees Arnhem. Picture: Omroep Gelderland

Rotterdam coexist in peace
Rotterdam coexist in peace with the motto: ‘unity overcomes terrorism’ is an initiative of several organisations from Rotterdam (see above) among others the political party NIDA Rotterdam. They will hold a manifestation Monday evening at the Vredesplein (Peace Square) in front the Essalam mosque.

The leader of the Rotterdam NIDA party published a call on his facebook page:

Neem een minuut de tijd om dit te beluisteren. Kom morgenavond, om 19uur ook naar het vredesplein (Rotterdam) om schouder aan schouder een signaal te geven.

Posted by Nourdin El Ouali on Sunday, 15 November 2015

Ulu mosque Utrecht
The Ulu mosque in the city of Utrecht held a meeting on Sunday with representatives of churches, mosques, municipality and th epolice. In a joint press release they stated that violence was the weapon of terrorists to divide and create fear. Instead the organisations called for reaching out to each other, dialogue and support in difficult times.

El Moslimien mosque
The El Moslimien mosque in the city of Assen released a statement on Monday:

The Elmoslimien mosque Assen is very shocked about what happened in Paris last Friday. We strongly condemn this horrible terror act. Our sympathies and solidarity are with the victims in Paris. Also, our solidarity and sympathy is with everyone in this world who has to deal with unjustice and violence.

Let’s not be deterred by these kind of people and instead engage in a conversation with each other. We hereby announce that will be start a series of ‘open evenings’ in our mosque. Everyone who needs a talk is welcome. Also people who have questions about Islam or people who have never seen a mosque from the inside is very welcome. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation and in so doing to reduce the existing fears.

Minhaj-ul-Quran NL
The Dutch section of Minhaj-ul-Quran issued a statement on facebook:

It is horrible to see what has happened in France. In the most strong words we condemn the attacks and our condolences go to the French people. We express our sympathy to the loved ones of the victims. The terrorists are our joint enemies. We will fight it regardless the descent of the victims and regardless where it occurs.

Selimiye mosque

The Selimiye Moskee in the town of Veghel published the above mention statement of ISN on its website including the following picture:

Al Mouwahidin – Islamic association Westland

The Al Mouwahidin in Naaldwijk published its own statement on the their website:

On behalf of Al Mouwahidin we express our horror about the terror attacks in Paris of Friday evening. In the event more than 130 innocent people were killed. Our thoughts are with all victims and loved ones of this terrible act.

We denounce all violence regardless of its underlying convicting. In Islam we learn that violence does not solve anything and only creates fear and chaos. Moreover, violence creates tension with a peaceful society. We believe in a society in which people live in peace and harmony with each other.

We call upon people to always solve conflicts and disputes in a civilized constructive manner. We call upon everyone in society (Muslims and non-Muslims) to always choose the path of dialogue and debate.

Furthermore we ask every individual or (governmental)organisation to take into account carefullness, reason and proportionality in dealing with excesses in society.

Samenwerkingsverband Islamitische Organisaties Regio Haaglanden – Cooperation Islamic Organisations Haaglanden Region

The cooperative union of Islamic organisations in the region of The Hague released a press statement:

Last night we were shocked by the horrible attacks on innocent citizens in Paris. With horror and disgust we have learned about the enormous number of casualties. Our sympathy is first with the victims and their next of kin. They have been hit the hardes by these barbaric acts that were not only direct against them, but against our society that stands for freedom and tolerance.

These terror attacks show that there are forces who try to disrupt our society. These attacks show again, like the attacks earlier in Turkey and Lebanon, that this is not a war between Muslims and non-Muslims, but a war between civilized societies and barbaric terrorists who show no compassion in their expressions and acts.

Therefore, we call upon everyone to remain calm and show courage and resilience as society. We, as Muslims, have the religious and moral duty to be active against these kind of excesses and to not remain passive outsiders. Youth who is vulnerable for these kind of violent thoughts and sympathize with it, have to be strongly challenged by the community. Let us prove together that we are able to let our reason overcome our emotions. We all do know that violence never leads to a solution.

We as a platform of Islamic organisations (SIORH) will take our responsibility. We will do everything to resist forces that try to divide us. We will cooperate with authorities, civil society and ordinary citizens on a local, neighbourhood and streetlevel.

Iraqi and Syrian refugees Amsterdam
In Amsterdam refugees from Iraq and Syria held a march in silence in commemoration of the victims in Paris.

Huiskamerbijeenkomst Steunpunt Sabr – Living room meeting Sabr Support
Karima Sahla of Sbar Support and Malika Chtatou initiated a living room meeting after the attacks. Sabr Support has been working with this method for ten years now bringing together locals, police, youth workers and people from local schools. During the meeting they talked about tensions affter the attacks, the effects in the local area (Schilderswijk) and how to engage in talks with local youth.


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